Anybus Edge Gateway

With Anybus Edge Gateways, data from industrial devices and machines can be accessed in an easy and secure way, also allowing full data and device management over the application lifecycle. The Edge Gateways enable edge intelligence, intelligent decentralized operations to be executed close to the data sources. From the gateways, user-defined data is provided via HMS Hub to the cloud over a secure connection. Perfect for monitoring applications, the solution also enables all connected industrial equipment to be controlled from IoT applications in a smart way.

The Anybus Edge Gateway can connect Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU devices to HMS Hub while additionally being able to act as an OPC UA Server or MQTT Client. 


The Intelligence part of the Edge Ecosystem

The industrial communication and data intelligence that the Anybus Edge Gateways enable are just two parts of the Edge Story. To realize the benefits of IIoT, the Anybus Edge Gateways works seamlessly together with the HMS Hub to bring flexible and secure edge connectivity to the system.