About the application:

With remote access, machine, device and system manufacturers today are able to save time and cost associated with travel required for maintenance. Increasingly, manufacturers are also providing real-time access into their products to be used across stakeholders. Data also need to be collected to achieve various IIoT use cases such as predictive maintenance & real time analytics.

The challenge:

Remote access is not new to the market. The challenge in this case is

  1. Providing a secured tunnel for remote access and data transmission

  2. Having a cost effective method to collect and display data from many PLCs

  3. Providing a future proof solution where data can be converted to OPC UA or other IT protocols (MQTT, HTTPS etc)

  4. Overcoming lack of readily available public IP for remote devices

Our proof of concept:

The PoC topology is as follow:

In this set up, the Flexy 205 (IIoT Gateway) collects data from Omron (FINS protocol) and Modbus RTU Slave. This data are then:

    1. Displayed in dashboard that can be remotely/locally accessed using Tablet and PCs

    2. Used to send SMS and Email alarms

    3. Converted into OPC UA and utilised by Remote SCADA

Additionally, Flexy is connected to EFive (VPN Server) as a VPN Client. With this, a secure tunnel is established. Furthermore, remote download/upload of PLC programs is now possible.

This solution is much more cost effective (at least 50% cost savings) compared to an equivalent solution of:

  1. IPC on site

  2. Middleware for protocol conversion

  3. Engineering work for Visualisation

  4. Webserver & Engineering work for web visualisation

  5. 4G Router

  6. Engineering work for VPN Set up

This complex set up was also quickly set up with a comprehensive suite of application guides for this set up that L33tech provides. Towards the end of the application, the data is also used to display on a the Splunk Big Data platform