Our Story

Our Story

While very belatedly updating our page, we came to the realization that we have not written about our story. We thought that a simple paragraph is not sufficient to let you know more about us, hence a blog post.

L33tech first started as a sole proprietorship (yes, a one man show!) out of a belief that IoT holds tremendous potential and when realized, can really improve our lives. Initially in 2016, there was a huge void in this space, with knowledge at a bare minimum. Any application guides, use cases etc. back then seems to be based on ideals and not actual implementation. However, L33tech stumbled onto a presentation from an IoT software provider, centered on its ability to handle big data and perform real time analytics and instantly, the dots connected. Through many conversations, it was clear that there are many ways that how things are done can be made much more efficient and effective using this software. Hence, the start of many proof of concepts and pilot projects.

While it was stumbling around in the dark for us most of the time, failing and learning, one thing that was constant is that customer had problems that were waiting to be solved. For example, before using our solutions, Engineers used to perform data entry work before they could make use of data. Imagine spending 1 full day just do prepare the data, only to receive results that were not helpful! With more successes and helping of customers comes more problems that customers wants us to solve.

Along the way comes “hype” topics like predictive maintenance, deep learning, machine learning etc. These terms brings about a level of interest unseen for many years and the marketing efforts by big companies really got the market talking. Of course, customers looked for us to try to implement these for them. Before any of this can happen though, customers often need to collect more data, A LOT more data.

This may seem trivial, until you see the cost of installing the sensors starting to stack up. The wiring needed, the cabinets needed, the testing and commissioning needed, the space needed; not to mention sometimes it is just impossible to lay wires to connect the sensors to a server. Very quickly, customers started to talk to us about the need for wireless.

In the past, it used to be WiFI or cellular. Unfortunately, these are really meant for commercial usages (think handphone, PC, PS4). Otherwise, one will have to swim through the many different offerings out in the market, each with its own pros and cons. This is made worse by the fact that many companies specialize in one type of wireless for sensors (e.g. ZigBee, Sigfox). In an increasingly complex sensors network world, this just doesn’t cut it.

L33tech hence expanded to become a private limited company, onboarding two like-minded partners who sees the potential of IoT for industries. At the same time, L33tech became a distributor of industrial wireless solutions that is more varied and complete (covering short to long range, covering slow to fast speeds). With a background in software engineering, L33tech started to do little customizations to ensure customer success using products that L33tech carries.

Today, L33tech Pte Ltd invites anyone who wants to explore the potential of IoT to speak to us, and we can work together with you to realize the benefits.