Top 10 IoT Trends for the next 5 years (2018 to 2023)

Gartner recently identified the Top 10 IoT Trends that will drive business to adopt and innovate. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the trends and how does L33Tech product fit in and deliver value with our customers.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence: The forecast for connected product is currently pegged at 14.2 billion. With this volume of data, AI will be crucial to manage the workload and filter out important information for the stakeholders. Businesses are also leveraging AI to replace customer facing front such as Tech support, registrations of even running businesses entire on them, replacing Call centers

  2. Social, Legal and Ethical IoT: With great power comes great responsibility. As the IoT Market matures, ethical issues will become prevalent. Ownership of data, censorship, compliance with Government are some of the hot topics as users are increasing their digital footprint.

  3. Infonomics and Data broking: Infonomics takes to the monetization of information as a business strategy. The buying of selling IoT is happening in its early stage through the use of subscription based services especially for maintenance and IoT.

  4. Shift from intelligent Edge to Intelligent Mesh: Edge analytics are usually stand alone in the current environment. It is expected that in the near future, devices at the edge are able to form up a mesh network and perform intelligent decision making at the edge without assistance from the cloud, delivering faster and more responsive IoT Systems.

  5. IoT Governance: Frameworks revolving cyber security, standardization, use, storage and delete of the data will become increasingly important. Audit trails, control of devices should become mandatory for users who are serious in IoT.

  6. Sensor Innovation: Typically, in the past, sensors were largely deployed and fed into a DAQ, Terminal block or PLC. As the IoT Concept mature, new requirements are required, relying on the concept of disposable sensors, wireless networks and lower cost for larger deployment.

  7. Trusted Hardware and OS: Security is the most significant concern in IoT. Trusted and validated hardware, software source will be a key driver in ensuring best practices for business to deploy their systems.

  8. Novel IoT User Experience: The UX covers a wide range of technologies that will deliver new experience. From intelligent assistants, augmented reality to new physical forms of communication, these are some of the way it can impact how we interact with Technology.

  9. Silicon Chip Innovation: Most IoT devices currently uses the low-power ARM architectures but they may not be well suited or purpose built for IoT Applications. New forms of chipsets and instructions may emerge to provide new edge architectures.

  10. New Wireless Technology for IoT: Like many industrial technologies, various protocols provide various trade-offs and benefits. No single networking technology at present are able to provide for all applications at present.

How does L33Tech fit in:

Shift from intelligent Edge to Intelligent Mesh:

As our customers are increasingly offloading analytics and decision making from the cloud to the edge. To this end, L33Tech provides 2 major form of devices that perform this.

  1. Edge Computing (Panasonic industrial PCs, FourFaith IPC)

    • For the generalists, we carry standard IPC that runs on Android, Linux and Windows. These IPCs are industrial grade and capable of withstanding harsh environment while performing computing. This allows our customers to run popular IoT Platforms such as Node-Red, develop APIs using express or dashboards using Boot Straps

  2. HMS Edge Gateway -

    • The HMS Flexy 205 is an industrial VPN Gateway that secures the connection using VPN, provides an excellent BASIC Scripting IDE and engine onboard the device. This allows users to perform the following key functions:

      • Secured Remote Device Access

      • Solve common network problems such as similar PLC IP address in all the machines using NAT

      • BASIC IDE

        • Sends MQTT/REST to interface with Cloud systems

        • Develop condition based Alerts

        • Develop Custom Protocol

        • Run basic Arithmetic to reduce load to Cloud

        • Intelligent Trigger using the build in DOs

Sensor Innovation:

We are seeing customers increasingly moving away from PLC or Terminal blocks. Customers prefer a drop and go approach for sensors where Monnit fits very well here. By leveraging new wireless technology, the sensor kits self establish a wireless sensor network and runs on battery. Coupled with the range of up to ~300m, Monnit is a great product to deliver sensors and data to the industrial environment for non-critical monitoring.

Trusted Hardware and OS:

ISO27001 for example, is an internationally recognized security standard and STAR ensure high security level within our Talk2M and Argos Platform. Our industrial grade products also often come with environment certificates to ensure that they comply and are of great standards.


New Wireless Technology for IoT:

Our flagship product that embraces new wireless technology is definitely FourFaith. We have helped out customers saved up to 20% in operational cost by leveraging these emerging technologies whether is saving a trip by knowing which specific part failed, removing cable costing in a vending machine, VPN access using Cellular.