1 Day Ewon Flexy Training Course - Level 1

Aim of the course: The course will give you a good understanding of the basics to implement and utilise a Ewon Flexy gateway, including using the Ewon Flexy for remote access, remote data applications and a basic introduction to the GUI creation tool ViewOn and the remote viewing software M2Web.

What will you learn?

  • Ewon Flexy Remote Data gateway hardware options

  • Understanding of the Talk2M cloud and security

  • Remote access configuration & testing

  • Remote data configurations

  • Alarms configuration

  • Data logging

  • Basic GUI creation

  • Use of the M2Web remote viewing applications

Outcome: You will leave the course with a good understanding of all the tools available to install and commission a Ewon Flexy IIoT gateway, set up remote VPN access to your on site systems and create and effective data logging and alarms monitoring could based solution.