While LoRA and ZigBEE are great for transporting data over long range, there are cases where it is not as ideal. This includes application where:

  1. High bandwidth is desired: CCTV viewing, streaming of HMI and where throughput might be significant.

  2. GeoSpatial Applications: Where distance is far beyond the Line of Sight range or WAN type applications

What is cellular?

Simply put, this is the standard network that you use on your mobile. However, unlike typical mobile clients, there are various challenges that an Industrial include:

  • APN and IP limitations: WAN facing IP might pose a challenge to customers who require to deploy a WAN accessible device

  • VPN deployment: Various network and application requirement will determine the type of mode.

  • Cost: M2M networks will require a separate business model and costing compared to the consumer facing front

  • Infrastructure monitoring: Connection of the terminals, remote triggering and management of the device are crucial in ensuring uptime for the devices

Cellular Gateways can be used for:

  • Secured remote access and control of machines or SCADA system and BMS Systems

  • Remote CCTV access

  • Transfer of consolidated data from one source to another

  • Transfer of TCP/IP packets

  • Video Survillence

  • ATM, POS and Kiosks

Learn more about the solutions below

Cellular Modem

Send Serial DATA or IOs signals to a remote server using a cellular modem

Cellular Routers

Send both serial and TCP/IP data across cellular network reliably with our cellular routers

Cellular Gateways

Collect signals and IOs using LoRA and zigbee then send it to a remote server via wifi or GSM