Ewon Connector Module for Ignition now available!

Flexy and Ignition Solution

The solution leverages Ewon’s Talk2M platform to create a secure link between the Ignition server and the target machine allowing machines to be located anywhere world-wide. The system supports both read and write access and sample rates as fast as 1 sample per second.


The solution can be enabled by simply connecting the Flexy gateway to a PLC, configuring a few parameters via the Flexy GUI and installing and configuring the Ignition module. No software development is required.

Control and Data Egress from Ignition

Same requirements as Ingress with the following additions:

  • Read/write enabled

  • Readback verification

  • Tag quality flag (Bad_Fail)

Data Ingress to Ignition

Seamless integration into Ignition variables.

  • Auto tag generation in Ignition from data mailbox

  • Pre-defined tag data type

  • Sample rate options

  • Tag quality flags (Bad_Stale)

  • Error handling

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