HMS Hub - where Hardware meets Software

HMS Hub is HMS new solution for industrial data connectivity and the heart of your Anybus Edge system. Data from Anybus Edge Gateways flows through HMS Hub to and from the IoT software applications where is it used.

  • Fast and scalable real time edge connectivity, in the cloud or on premise.

  • Full data control and protection, device management with secure updates during the application lifetime.

  • Integration to 3rd party clouds and enterprise systems is made simple using the Kolibri Protocol and API.

  • Quick 24/7 access to live data via the HMS Hub Portal.

Key Features

Take that first step

Digitalization does not come to us, it’s a journey we make.  Like any journey, we must start by taking that first step.  The step that opens your machines to the road ahead so the data’s journey can begin.

Turn big data into smart data

The data languages used on the factory floor need to transition into the global languages of the IIoT world.  Enabling Edge Intelligence is key to make the data not only understandable but also efficient and concise.

Turn data into value

Data has no value by itself.  The value lies in what is done with the data.  Flexibility is key to success since where the data needs to be today may not be the same as tomorrow.  

Keep the data secure

Safeguarding your data journey from end to end is the only way to successfully achieve the digitalization that we need to survive in the modern industrial world. Devices must not only be reactive to attacks but also proactive to potential threats.