L33Tech @ ConnecTechAsia

This year, L33Tech is honored to be selected as an SPTel Partner in the Industrial connectivity booth. In the booth, we demonstrated the use of L33Tech’s LoRAWAN Terminal blocks in bringing sensor data over a long range environment back to a dashboard for basic analytics.

About LoRAWAN:

LoRAWAN is the WAN version of the popular LoRA Technology. LoRA was designed for long range, low throughput wireless signals. LoRAWAN on the other spectrum leverages the technology and offers a topology on a WAN-Scale deployment. Typically, to use a LoRAWAN Gateway, customers will have to purchase:

  1. LoRAWAN Terminals

  2. LoRAWAN Gateways

  3. Network server application and development for maintaining and pulling of data

Hassle Free Deployment

Our Partnership with SPTel allows customers to do rapid deployment of long range data using SPTel’s IoT-as-a-Service using commercial off the shelf solution.

Here are some photos of our event, please feel free to chat with us or drop us an email @ sales@l33tech.com for further information.