What are Gateways?

The gateways act as the concentrator that polls the wireless sensors and transforms the data into readable format. There are in general 2 types of such gateways:

  • ALTA (Recommended)

  • Standard (Lower cost, lower range, lower battery life)



The ALTA Ethernet gateway allows your ALTA Wireless Sensors to communicate with the iMonnit™ Online Wireless Sensor Monitoring and Notification System without the need for a PC. Simply plug this device into any open network port with internet connection and it will automatically connect with our online servers. The device will buffer up to 16,000 sensor data messages in on-board memory in the event of an internet connection interruption. When internet communication is re-established the sensor data will download to the iMonnit online system.

The Power-Over-Ethernet option features modified gateway hardware allowing it to be powered through the Ethernet port. Note: This option includes gateway modification only and does not include an Ethernet power injector.


  • Datasheet


Alta serial modbus application.JPG

The ALTA Serial Modbus Gateway acts as a data concentrator for ALTA wireless sensor networks. This device incorporates Monnit's ALTA Access Point Node (APN) and Serial RS-232C and RS-485 Interfacing hardware.

Data can then be retrieved via the Serial gateway using standard Modbus RTU. Combine with FF gateways to achieve long range capabilities.