The customer is a well known manufacturer that is focused in delivering high quality products to their end user. Our solution and integration work allowed the customer to gain real-time visibility to their environment by:

  • A real-time dynamic SPC application for set points
  • Real-time monitoring of various subsystems including Power, Water, Fire Control, Manufacturing OEE, Mobile Dashboards,
  • Analytics, Anomaly detection
  • Automated Report Generation


The customer manufactures and maintains Chillers and CTs in the region. The solution developed allowed the customer to gain:

  • A high speed real-time report generation over a geographic region
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Real-time monitoring of KPIV of efficiency of the system
  • Co-ownership with their customers on the systems health
  • Pro-active maintenance
  • Alarm and Workflow management

Public Use Case Link by Splunk


Renewable Energy

The customer generates and provides real-time power to the local power grid. Implementing the solution allowed them to:

  • Real-time monitoring of Turbine Health via the use of sensors implanted at the base of the turbines
  • Correlation across fiscal quarters
  • Pulling of data via API on the daily price of the electric price for forecasting profit
  • Analysis of variants based on different brands and build of the turbines